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IntelliCover 2.0 is a utility which uses your device’s proximity sensor, light sensor and/or accelerometer to turn the screen on and off, allowing fast and efficient access to your phone or tablet.

It turns the screen off automatically when you put your device in your pockets, close its flip cover, store the device in a bag, or even just leave the device facing down on a table. As soon as the device is back in your hand the proximity sensor is triggered again, the screen turns back on and your device in instantly ready for use. This improves productivity immensely on large devices or devices that do not have physical hardware buttons.

IntelliCover 2.0 is the completely revamped and redesigned version of IntelliCover, rebuilt from scratch after listening to the feedback of thousands of users. IntelliCover was featured on xda-developers.com and Discovery Channel’s App Snap.


IntelliCover works on all Android devices that have a light or proximity sensor, or an accelerometer. It does NOT require your device to be rooted.


• Sensor Calibration: Screen On Delay, Screen Off Delay, Suspension Timers, Application Suspension, Light/Shake Sensitivity Calibration

• Application Settings: Disable in Portrait/Landscape Mode, Go to Home Screen, Remove Lock Screen, Screen Off Only, Screen On Only, Start on Boot, Save Profile (Settings), Restore Profile, Restore Default Settings, Uninstall IntelliCover

• Modes: Proximity Mode, Shake Mode, Light Mode, Proximity and Light Combo Mode

• Notifications: Proximity Warning (Vibration), Status Bar Notification

• Toggles(Screen On/Off): Airplane Mode, Auto Sync, Bluetooth, Ringer Mode, Wi-fi


Feel free to contact us with any issues, bug reports, feature requests, suggestions, or queries, through either the application or the “Email the developer” button in the Play Store. Please read the Help and FAQ page in the app before sending an e-mail to avoid redundancy.


screen, on, off, control, proximity, sensor, flip, cover, sleep, phone, tablet, pocket, bag, table, battery, saving, power, button, calibrate, remove, disable, lock, screen, shake, shaking, device, portrait, landscape, timer, suspend, suspension, sensitivity, sensitive, delay, boot, toggle, airplane, sync, bluetooth, wifi, call, brightness

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100% recomendada funciona perfecto!

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